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The libtard you love to hate.
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Enter Dark Hunter Biden in politicsTOO
1 up, 1mo
him smoking rock and getting a blow job. you know, the stuff congress should be really invested in. remind me again what office he holds? why this is relevant at all?
Burger King employee in fun
3 ups, 2mo
no one should have to work 27 years and then rely upon donations to buy a house... f**king BK should be paying him and ALL workers more.
Urinal Guy in politics
3 ups, 7mo
such bullshit.

a. there are many christian queer folks. b. the 'christians' you speak of spent hundreds of years bashing, humiliating, alienating and killing queer people.
Still waiting... in politicsTOO
1 up, 8mo
It’s a point by point rebuke. How is that a hit piece?