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Protecting kids prevents atrocities for adults in fun
0 ups, 4m
Not all abused children turn into monsters, of course; however, some very good researchers including Dorothy Otnow Lewis, James Garbarino, and more have found that when they look close enough they find far more serious abuse to those that turn out to be monster. Unfortunately traditional media doesn't cover this and often misrepresents the facts.

However, even if this is in doubt there should be no excuse for declining to protect children from child abuse when ever possible.
Scientology Selective Disclosure in politics
0 ups, 7m
I agree, but they have support from the government, despite efforts to make it seem otherwise; so it would take massive grassroots efforts as well.
Protect And Serve Oligarchy Only? in fun
0 ups, 8m
They're taking orders indirectly from crooked politicians.
Park my boat in my boat in politics
0 ups, 10m
So by protecting workers wages we're "enslaving the?" Then why are the oligarchs so opposed to increasing the minimum wage? Very creative logic.
Park my boat in my boat in politics
0 ups, 10m
Our current economy is rigged designed to create virtual slavery by those controlling the oligarchs, despite your rhetoric.