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Grumpy Cat
I'm not arguing, but they lied to us routinely long before Obama.
Scientology Selective Disclosure
There's no way they could get away with half what they do without connections and those connections clearly seem to include the CIA although mentioning that is relegated to the fringes. And it might get even stranger than that, although some of this needs to be fact checked.
Double Standard For Victims Of Rape Is Routine
This is common in cases like this but Kavanagh and others implicated him in numerous corrupt activities including perjury, which is based on stronger evidence; and his behavior in the hearings was highly outrageous for a Judge, and should have disqualified him even if some doubt his guilt.
Double Standard For Victims Of Rape Is Routine
Women raised in authoritarian manners are more likely to be taught to stay in their place if they're subject to early abuse intimidating them to go along with the program; and instead of blaming them for defending their abusers they often need help.
Looking Other Way When Protecting Oligarchy
All of the police that I know off duty don't want to support oligarchy or discuss it, but under pressure some, especially in the cities that need the best, but get the worst, aren't nearly as good. Many start out with good intentions before being subject to indoctrination or peer pressure. Police and prison guards are trained to obey orders, even when it means doing more to protect Oligarchy than it does to protect the public leading to too many that go on mass shooting sprees.