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Rachel Maddow Said
We're not honoring the troops by glorying the lies that they died for, and enabling future lies to cause the sacrifice of more troops! I know some troops take offense to this but many others have realized they've been betrayed and demonstrated that they welcome the truth much more than propaganda designed to preserve a permanent state of war based on lies!
Yo Dawg Heard You
None of the theories are complete. not yet anyway.
Yo Dawg Heard You
The assumption that "Amen" is an ancient Egyptian God requires no fringe beliefs it comes from traditional scholars. There's enough evidence to raise doubts about official beliefs and open things up to viable theories at least until unsolved mysteries can be explained; however I try to be a rational skeptic, believe it or not, and require stronger evidence before it should be considered conclusive. Ancient Aliens may make an incredible volume of blunders; but they don't ignore unsolved mysteries although we need rational skeptics to address the mysteries sincerely before real solutions can be found.
Yo Dawg Heard You
Perhaps, but it's also the name of an ancient Egyptian God as told in numerous archaeology books, including several from the Time Life Lost Civilization series. And it first appeared in the Bible shortly after Moses left Egypt with followers that would have been familiar with that God.
Weinstein and Polanski
"Roman Polanski Accused of **pe by Former German Actress"