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Liar liar pants on fire? in fun
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"Regrettably, due to the unfortunate circumstances and the prevailing stress that engulfs our existence, I must convey my heartfelt apologies as I find myself obligated to disclose a rather distressing occurrence. Alas, it has come to pass that I involuntarily released a portion of nature's bodily waste into the confines of my undergarments. This bodily substance, derived from the culmination of food's transformative journey through the intricacies of the digestive and excretory systems, is bereft of its vital nutrients, which have been assimilated into the ever-pulsating realm of the cardiovascular system. This residual waste material is then expelled from the body into a designated vessel, a receptacle specifically designed for its facile disposal. This particular bodily waste, which I reluctantly bring to your attention, is commonly referred to as... faeces.

I beseech you to have an extraordinary and serendipitous day, wherein you shall not encounter the unfortunate plight that has befallen me—a lamentable episode where one finds oneself involuntarily soiling their trousers with a rather malevolent intent. Farewell, young and untainted soul. May your journey through life be ever prosperous and devoid of such distressing episodes."
if you remember this you deserve a follow in fun
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*nyan cat theme song bass-boosted and distorted 10-hour loop intensifies*
BEHOLD: The alphabet in alphabetical order in fun
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H - Haech
Z - Zed