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The Choice Is Yours
hm, blue liars or red liars........ What if we just privatize the whole thing?
Republican and Democrat
What some democrats have right: opposition to patriotism and war What some republicans have right: opposition to abortion and socialism What both sides have wrong: almost everything What we need is to simply abandon the political system, and start working off of individual rights, individual responsibility, and voluntary association.
Government and politics
we need to shrink government down to its basic functions, and then get those to be done without government, too
All collectivists are wrong, no matter their "reasons"
that depends on what is meant by "rightist" and "leftist". If someone is referring to the Republican and Democratic parties, then I would say that a consistent ideology could easily trigger both simultaneously. For instance, a voluntist's ideal of total privatization is highly principled and triggers almost every political opinion except their own.
Why Socialism Works
I've talked to both, and there are a few (though not many) nuances between them. Basically, a communist is a slightly more consistent socialist (which is not saying much). Socialists claim to believe that people own the product of their labor, but contradict themselves by arbitrarily dividing "means of production" from other kinds of property. Communists believe that people own their labor, but not the product of their labor.