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All collectivists are wrong, no matter their "reasons"
that depends on what is meant by "rightist" and "leftist". If someone is referring to the Republican and Democratic parties, then I would say that a consistent ideology could easily trigger both simultaneously. For instance, a voluntist's ideal of total privatization is highly principled and triggers almost every political opinion except their own.
Why Socialism Works
I've talked to both, and there are a few (though not many) nuances between them. Basically, a communist is a slightly more consistent socialist (which is not saying much). Socialists claim to believe that people own the product of their labor, but contradict themselves by arbitrarily dividing "means of production" from other kinds of property. Communists believe that people own their labor, but not the product of their labor.
Where Democrats Are Leading You
I know how important personal experience is, but in this specific topic, statistics are more important. When looking at the overall results of a policy, individual experiences are likely to be fraught with biases and based on subjective opinions. I am more concerned with the objective results. I don't have to have first-hand experience with both systems to know that a statistically significant percentage of more moralities on the operating table or in the waiting room is a bad thing.
Where Democrats Are Leading You
I already addressed the problem of personal experience. Thank you for making it abundantly clear that you are not looking for an intellectually honest discussion. I hope you at least got a good laugh out of this, and that people who read this thread will not be swayed by your ignorance
Where Democrats Are Leading You
theft based on a false sense of legitimacy, and enforced with the threat of imprisonment. That sounds like coercion to me