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dis iz war tunder
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Vistula-Oder Offensive birthday in fun
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Oh I know all about the Minengeshos. But the thing is that the Russians eventually outnumbered Germans in the air with their Yaks, and Ilyushins.
This is suspicious..... (I meant 2 months sorry) in fun
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Seems like u didn't hear about that massive eruption that exploded an entire island sending shockwaves around the world. The explosion was as big as 10 MegaTons of Tnt
*Creative Title* in fun
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finally an original meme
Vistula-Oder Offensive birthday in fun
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look I'm a wehraboo too, but the Germans only advanced so far because of their good experienced commanders. They had inferior Panzer 3s and 4s and were heavily outnumbered. It was inevitable. They had already lost air superiority to inferior Russian planes as well. also no Supplies.
Vistula-Oder Offensive birthday in fun
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I think you are wrong. Russia would have defeated Germany with or without help. as Germany pushed each line, a smaller layer would be added to the next defensive line, and this continued, making the last defense line Unbreakable. This broke the German forces.