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Untitled Image in politics
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I work with an immigrant from El Salvador, he came here legally, is learning more and more English everyday, got a job, follows our laws, and pays taxes that is the immigrant I stand by and welcome here. These aren’t immigrants they are invaders!
Vaccines do NOT cause autism in fun
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lol yeah i had alot to say!
Bob Ross Troll in fun
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What did you use to edit Justin Trudeau's face on there? Great meme btw!
Vaccines do NOT cause autism in fun
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I didn’t know that about the immune system fully developing before vaccination hmm I’ll research that. You really want to go the route of against a child’s will? I get the baby can’t conscent to a vaccine but I fail to see what’s so bad about pricking them with a needle to prevent them from getting life threatening diseases later on in life. How can preventing them from catching a life threatening disease be compared to doing other things to babies without conscent!