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Untitled Image in MEMES_OVERLOAD
0 ups, 8h
I'd like to know more about this so-called "building" Chat GPT is printing. For all we know, Chat GPT might be printing a scale model of a building and not a full-size building.
Untitled Image in fun
0 ups, 8h
I would like to see this taco in person.
Alien junkie in fun
0 ups, 8h
If aliens are smart enough to figure out how to travel lightyears from their planet to Earth and do so safely (which is a whole lot better than we humans have been able to do up to this point), I also think they will be smart enough to say no to drugs.
I got the loop going hell yeah lmao in fun
2 ups, 8h
This is excellent video editing on your part.
lego in fun
0 ups, 8h
I like this LEGO double-decker couch. There are lots of schools in America that could use double-decker desks.