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*Crunch* My CAR!!!!!
Actually if they don't have a working gun they can be street legal in some states! Also flame throwers are legal! The more ya know.
That Would Be Great
Crap how did you know?
Boardroom Meeting Suggestion
I was hoping the last panel would be a Japanese fighter crashing into the building
The Sun Sets Around 9:00pm And Them Rises At 5:00am, How Do People Live Like This!?!
Yeah it was a few hundred pounds of it. God think of all that... Now where are we going to put it?! God it's going to end up like my math class: everywhere (like really, my school banned it but you can't step on the floor without getting 6 peices on you!)
We're Pretty Close To Hurricane Season...
Let's name them after deadly things... Like hurricane Hillary or hurricane Norris.