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Menstruation is exclusively a function of female reproductive anatomy
>> Sex reassignment surgery is not "chopping off one's sexual organs" << Oh, so men keep their p**ises and women keep their breasts?? >> *Some* transgender people feel the same after SRS. Not all. << *Most.* >> The point I'm trying to make is that evidence suggests that transgender people have a brain more similar to that of the gender they identify as << That may be, but GRS/SRS is still not a statistically effective treatment. >> You seem to be saying that physical gender is determined 100% by chromosomes. I don't agree because I don't believe it's that clear cut. The evidence does not support that conclusion. << What evidence...? >> You'd also have to account for people who are neither XX or XY (and yes, such people actually exist) << Intersex is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about 99.95% of people who are biologically male or female. >> For some they are. << Yes, for some. But for most, that's not the case. That's a clue that that GRS/SRS is not an *effective* treatment. >> Except for their brains literally being closer to that of the gender with which they identify. << That's a statistical correlation, at best. It may be just a sign of brain disorder which just happens to make them "identify" in a certain way... Like a lot of delusions and dysphorias, which are caused by brain disorders. >> I also hope you realize that not all transgender people have or suffer from gender dysphoria. << What??? What other reason would a person have to change their gender? It's trendy? They're on the run from the CIA?
Menstruation is exclusively a function of female reproductive anatomy
>> People who say they are Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon can clearly be shown to not be those people. It's an absurd analogy. << And people who perceive themselves to not be the sex they were born as can also be quantitatively and objectively also shown to not be who they think they are. >> Why does the evidence show that a transwoman's brain is more similar to a cisgender woman's brain than a cisgender man's brain? << You're confusing the cause and the symptoms. If someone is biologically a male, but they identify as being female, it's likely BECAUSE their brain is structurally/functionally more like a woman's brain than a man's brain... Ignoring that such an assertion of different brain structure/function between males and females is considered sexist in certain circles. Anyway, abnormal brain structure/function is common with mental illnesses. We can look at brain scans and very reliably pick out the psychopaths, the anorexics, certain pathologies of depression, etc. Abnormal brain structure does not exclude trans people from a clinical psych diagnosis; if anything, it confirms that they suffer from a neurological problem, like most/all other dysphoric conditions.
Menstruation is exclusively a function of female reproductive anatomy
>> Being transgender, unlike anorexia, does not cause a person to destroy their body. << Sure... Chopping off one's sexual organs is totally not destroying their body ;) >> You keep calling transgenderism a mental illness. Do you think homosexuality is a mental illness, too, like people used to believe? << Not at all. To the extent that homosexuals suffer from being homosexual, it's pretty much exclusively a mismatch between how they see themselves and how they think society/family/church wants them to be. Trans people, OTOH, suffer just as much after "treatment" as they did before "treatment". This indicates that (1) the problem is psychological/neurological in nature, and (2) there aren't any good/effective treatments known, just like all dysphoric mental illnesses. >> Not all transgender people want to get SRS, and that's their choice. If they choose to undergo surgery or hormone therapy, it is to bring their physical body in harmony with their gender identity. << You mean, to bring their physical *appearance* closer to the gender identity. But I do want to thank you for using the correct term, "gender identity". >> I keep asking which treatment you would prefer if your brain were put into the body of a female and I can't understand why you won't answer. If gender is indeed determined by physical traits, you would have the physical traits of a woman, which means you would be a woman. If I looked at you I would see a woman. That means you're a woman, right? << Uggh... I keep giving you answers, you just don't like them. My brain is a male brain, fed since birth with male hormones, and every living cell in it contains both X and Y chromosomes. If you put my brain in a female body, it would IN FACT be in the wrong body. Think of it this way... I'm a cisgender guy. Putting me in a dress doesn't make me a woman. Putting makeup on me doesn't make me a woman. Implanting breasts on me doesn't make me a woman. Putting my brain in a woman's body would not make me identify as a woman. But if we had technology to do brain transplants, maybe that could "cure" trans people...? >> Except they aren't pretending. This is who they are. The word pretending clearly implies the person knows it's not real. << Of course they know it's not real. That's one of the reasons why suicide rates, depression, mood, quality of life, etc are NOT significantly improved by SRS/GRS.
Menstruation is exclusively a function of female reproductive anatomy
>> Sex and gender are not the same thing. Sex is physical (genitalia, etc). Gender has more to do with how a person feels and identifies mentally and emotionally. Someone can be physically male yet have the neurological makeup of a female (and vice versa). I don't know why this is such a difficult concept for so many people to grasp. << The historically and scientifically established definition of "gender" is and has long been synonymous with "sex", as an OBJECTIVE classification of a living organism's reproductive function. If you've ever taken a basic biology class, you'd know this. What you're describing about "how a person feels" is a SUBJECTIVE self-assessment that is best described as "gender identity". I've pointed out previously why there's an ideological push to redefine the historically and scientifically established definition of "gender", and you seem happy to just let yourself be played, against reason, logic, and natural science. What's wrong with not trying to redefine "gender" for wonky ideological goals, and instead just use the term "gender identity" to describe the SUBJECTIVE classification of how a person considers them-self? >> And no, being transgender is not "a game of make-believe." << I never said that being transgender a game of make-believe. But playing dress-up and pretending to be something that you're not is make-believe. Surgery and hormone treatment take that game to "the next level". Thus, the so-called "treatment" is often a game of make-believe. Think of it this way... There are people who "believe" that they are Abraham Lincoln, or Jesus Christ, or Napoleon Bonaparte... If someone "believes" that they are Abraham Lincoln, that doesn't make it real. If they dress the part, that doesn't make it real. If they put effort into looking the part, that still doesn't make it real. They are suffering from a mental illness, and it doesn't help them to tell them that they're fine, and other people are crazy for not understanding them. Just like anorexics and trans people, they suffer from a mental illness. I don't mean this to sound disparaging, but in a strict clinical sense they suffer from delusions. We don't effectively treat any of these delusions with clothing or cosmetic surgery or preferred pronouns. btw, my preferred pronoun is "Mr President". If you don't call me by my preferred pronoun, that's hate-speech. I'm not crazy, people just don't understand me ;)
Menstruation is exclusively a function of female reproductive anatomy
>> Once again, your comparison of transgender people to anorexics is asinine. << How so? Both are mental illnesses which cause a person to perceive their body differently from physical reality. Both are associated with increased rates of suicide and self-harm. And both are very difficult to effectively treat, in the sense that a person can accept them-self as they are. >> It's not about me not wanting to hurt people's feelings. It's about me not being convinced that being transgender is necessarily a mental illness. Some transgender people struggle with it, some don't. << But you're asserting that they require treatment, of some sort; that they benefit from treatment. What requires treatment, if not an illness??? How can you say that they benefit from treatment, but they don't have an illness??? >> So again I ask, which "treatment method" would you prefer to help you get over it and accept that your body is female? << "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Philip K. Dick