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Corruption is like a web in politics
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“Classical economics was part of a reform process to bring Europe out of the feudal era into the industrial age. This required overcoming the power of the landed aristocracy, bankers and monopolies to levy charges that were unfair because they did not reflect actual labor or enterprise. Such revenue was deemed “unearned.”

The original fight for free markets meant freeing them from exploitation by rent extractors: owners of land, natural resources, monopoly rights and money fortunes that provided income without corresponding work – and usually without tax liability. Where hereditary rental and financial revenue supported the richest aristocracies, the tax burden was shifted most heavily onto labor and industry, in addition to their rent and debt burden.

The classical reform program of Adam Smith and his followers was to tax the income deriving from privileges that were the legacy of feudal Europe and its military conquests, and to make land, banking and monopolies publicly regulated functions. Today’s neoliberalism turns the word’s original meaning on its head. Neoliberals have re-defined “free markets” to mean an economy free for rent-seekers, that is, “free” of government regulation or taxation of unearned rentier income (rents and financial returns).”

Excerpt From: Michael Hudson. “Killing the Host.”
Spoiled Hoarders in politics
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The Mont Pelerin Society's (Austria 1940's) favorite "economist" F. v Hayek proposed path of "liberty" and "freedom" [only for the inbred 1% (Neoliberalism)] (Friedman, Buchanan, "Chicago School", were later disciples)

1) Deregulate global financial markets - DONE
2) Deregulate global trade - DONE
3) Create the illusion and urgency of national bankruptcy with fake (fiat) debt (thereby neuter a nation's capability to enforce laws - eliminate the people's ability to defend against being overwhelmed and consumed by the 1%) - DONE

then lastly, the kill shot:
4) Privatize Everything. recreate us ALL as permanent rent payers of even the most basic necessities of life (Air, water, food, shelter). - Almost COMPLETE

#PrivatizationIsTheft - privatization today is STRICTLY about prioritizing money away from the commons and general welfare and giving it to the inbred 1% rent-seeking parasites (Extreme Redistribution of wealth from the people TO the Billionaires, NOTHING for the people)

the use of "liberal" in this context, describes the "liberal" (freely used, as one would "liberally" spread butter on toast) projection of any and all force available to maintain, enhance, and grow, a condition of monopolized wealth and power, in the hands of a small group of generational feudal lords.
Corruption is like a web in politics
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is it hating, if a person or a community recognizes criminal behavior? are we to simply accept it and mind our business? pedophilia? just stop hating and mind my business?

today's inbred 1%, largely old family money blood lines, born into the state, not earned, have used their amassed wealth and power to take control of the system, to manipulate it, to create loopholes and provisions, that has seen the world's work funneled into the the hands a small group, (unearned income - read a little adam smith if you're up to it) indoctrinated into believing their deity gave them dominion over us all. it's psychotic, and the fruit of inbreeding for many generations.

you need to read more bro. or watch some well done, well sourced, documentaries start here

Corruption is like a web in politics
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lmao. "envy". clever trivialization of the FACT, that you are already owned bro. feelsbadman
Divide and Conquer in fun
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thank you!