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A sponge is less porous than pro-lifer logic in politics
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If you can't control your own uterus to not get enseminated then maybe you should learn some self control.
Untitled Image in politics
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So you are saying that nazis love Trump and we say that pedos love Biden and you say you love Biden? 😂
lol in politics
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That's what the leftist look like when they find out Biden is a sexual predator from the man himself. LOL
Conservative Cognitive Dissonance in politics
2 ups, 1y
That's where you are wrong again as always. You really can only control your legs from opening or not. Everything else is biological response and when a baby is inside then both bodies synchronize with each other to aid the growth and development of the baby inside. If you eat, the baby eats, but then the baby has to get rid of the waste, you don't control that. You don't control when the baby moves around, you don't control when the birth happens. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Go learn something and then chime in because I would just shut up if my track record of factual knowledge was as bad as yours, mods, I'm not trying to offend, I'm trying to educate.
January 6 was wrong because it was a right-wing reaction, and based on lies about election fraud. in politics
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They haven't proven anything, there was never any court case to prove or disprove. Judges haven't heard any case is what you really mean. Like I said, it hasn't been proven that there wasn't any voter fraud.