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Wholesome_Danny_ (505225)
Joined 2021-01-13
i am wholesome_danny_ i spread kindness and hope through memes every day. The lords love is endless <3
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Stronk in Anime
0 ups, 1d
you're still here though :D

im happy someone as amazing as you is at least still here with us to bring us a smile
how dare you.... in Depression_Stream
0 ups, 3d
Then watch ur mouth lol
She deleted. in crusader_stream
4 ups, 3d
Wait WHAT?
Is this one? in fun
0 ups, 3d
The fact that you could put the image illusion 100 under it and image flip doesn’t allow you to do that with a GIF means it’s not a GIF. Therefore it is just a picture/illusion
how dare you.... in Depression_Stream
1 up, 5d
Then you better watch your mouth lol