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Its too late... in fun
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How tf did you find this I posted this 3 years ago
Its too late... in fun
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I made this meme years ago, how did you even find it
This is real go see it yourself in Minecraft
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2 things:

1: Some people just don't see it for some reason, you can see the other comments.
2: I made this over a year ago, how did you find it?
Minecraft villagers are actually Indian scammers in fun
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Actually you give them wheat and they give you emeralds, plus armorers and blacksmiths can literally sell you diamond equipment. LukeTheNotable has even said in the past that the only reason he has survived so long is the help he gets from his trusty villagers. Also, if they suddenly were gone, emeralds would literally have 0 uses.
*sizzle* in fun
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