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b: Baku
s: Pizza Guy

b: bruh, i'm deadass fill'd with pangs of hunger right now.

*takes his phoneth out, proceeds to calleth a zza place*

s: ya zza, whatchu' wanteth?

b: lemme receiveth uhh. Boneless zza, with a 2 light'r of coke.

s: f**k kinda zza? and, 2 liter machine hath broken. We do got 1 light'r tho.

b: alas thee mean' b? aight' behold, lemme receiveth yond zza boneless.

s: uh? zza do not got bone on t.

b: the f**k did i just say then?

s: thee hath said, "lemme receiveth it boneless". Liketh zza got a damn bone in it.

b: y'all have gotten bones on your shit then.

s: nah.

b: so what is the problem?

s: d i c k h e a d. Nameth one zza that do have bone on it.

b: just do not putteth those shits in mine own zza, bruh. How many times do i have to sayeth t?

s: bruh, just explaing to me, how the f**k can zza beest boneless?

b: if 't be true t did not get bone in t, is boneless.

s: son, what school you go to?

b: dawg, i do not und'rstandeth the problem. Just maketh mine shit boneless. D E A D A S S.

s: i'm deadass not making this pizza