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A way to stop bullies. in fun
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Good luck Timmy! There's a good lad.
Wow, what a surprise in fun
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Maybe the road was covered by a bridge which blocked rainfall.
Keep Calm And Carry On Red in politics
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In some circumstances it is good to riot, but of course it's highly unlikely any of you will actually riot due to worries of getting arrested and simply not having the manpower to make it worth the risk.
Australia's health strategy in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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@MichaelStJohn231, 20,000 covid deaths is still only 0.08% of Australia's population and obviously a very negligible amount of people. Maybe work out the percentage of the number first instead of assuming it's a very significant amount of deaths based on the number simply being big.
Australia's health strategy in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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@MichaelStJohn231, if you added up the covid death percentages of a few nations you'll find covid is nothing to worry about. The road deaths of 1,187 in 2019 is 0.0047% of Australia's population. Total covid deaths in Australia is 0.0036% of Australia's population. Sweden which has avoided lockdown so far has 13788 covid deaths which is 0.13% of Sweden's 10.2 million population. The UK which counts a covid death as someone who dies from covid even a month after gettinf diagnosed with it, has 127k covid deaths which is only 0.18% of UK's estimated 68 million population. Are you really too afraid to live in a world where you have around only a 0.1% or 0.2% chance of dying from covid every year and that's only if you're older than the average age, if you're young it's a lot lower than even that.