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Inception Liberal
Ever notice the people who scream loudest about religion infringing on their rights don't complain about having Christmas and Thanksgiving off, nor do they say, "No need to pay me time and a half on Sunday, it's not a special day for me"?
Liberals and conservatives think they aren't being heard? Try being on the middle ground once!
Go "like" a bunch of conservative pages on Facebook. Go ahead, don't worry; they won't show up in your timeline anyway. In fact, when you start liking conservative pages, Facebook will start suggesting you like liberal pages. No joke. Try it out sometime.
Truth and Fox News is kinda an oximoron
As opposed to CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost, etc...
Ignorance can be cured with education: stupidity lasts a lifetime
Too bad we live in the age of misinformation.