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October be like SURPRISE!!!!! in fun
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Im going to have to stop with you there. First off, I cant understand what the heck you are saying, and it seems to keep deteriorating. "Is it comfort the millions of babies", "confused about if it's murder we or not?"... wow yeah I cant read whatever you are saying, as it is not English.
Second, I cant debate with someone that doesnt know simply human biology or facts. the FACT is that 1.2% of abortions occur after 20 weeks. The FACT is that many fetal FATAL defects occur or show up after 20 weeks. The FACT is that over 50% of those 1.2% late term abortions occurred due to life threatening causes that would have killed the fetus anyways. The FACT is that fetuses cannot survive before 20 weeks. SO THE FACTS ARE that out of all the abortions that occur, less than 0.6% of abortions COULD be performed on a "functioning being", yet a percentage of those still dont take into account fetuses defects, to which there isnt any peer reviewed, well documented studies on.
So if you want to call those people murders by your account, sure. But by YOUR definition, thats an extremely tiny amount, oh and I noticed that you didnt reply as to if taking grandma off life support is murder too. Come back when you have facts and can speak clearly.
October be like SURPRISE!!!!! in fun
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How many people have pets on accident? Man I have no idea what you are saying. I didnt say that euthanization is murder, I simply referred to your comment "If it's such a hard decision, why do hundreds of thousands to millions do it each year?". Maybe you should go back and read that.
While we are on the topic if murder, I am still confused how terminating a unborn human that may not survive outside the womb is "killing", but terminating a living, breathing person on life support or brain dead is not. Or are all those people murderers too?
Last, thanks for throwing that fun statistic out there, guess thats not much comfort to the over 800 women who ACTUALLY DIED last year in childbirth. Sheesh.
October be like SURPRISE!!!!! in fun
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Is this a serious question? Millions of people kill their beloved pets every year, are you saying that is not a hard decision? Hundreds of thousands choose to terminate life support for their loved ones each year, is that not a hard decision? Just because a lot of people choose to do it, does not make it a easy decision. Im really confused as to what point you are trying to make?
October be like SURPRISE!!!!! in fun
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" I personally wouldn't put my health above my child's." And thats your PERSONAL decision. I totally support that. I also support only you making that decision, as I would not support the government if they made it mandatory to abort a child, like China did for decades. See how that goes?

A case by case basis by review sounds good, but how does that work when a mother comes rushing into a hospital with life threatening conditions and she or her doctors have to wait for some bureaucrat to decide if its ok for her life to be spared from a dead fetus?

And a follow up, to clarify we are not talking about a women who goes in at 8 1/2 months to abort her fetus. That really doesnt happen very often, its on the extreme side. We are simply talking about cases where the fetus is not viable, will die within a few days after birth, or will kill the mother before its born, meaning it wont survive anyways. Why would you put your health above that?