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It's because Trump thinks it's just going to fly with women when he takes away their rights. Its bullshit. That, and his character is repulsive. Other than that he's a fine president. He would be a GREAT president if he personality didn't suck and he actually gave a shit about women.
black guy question mark
Cancer?? Idk about that but infections sure. Girls with big labias though do get infections more frequently than girls who don't because they can't "breath" down there properly. Also it has been reported that it is VERY painful too as it gets caught in panties or pants. Women should have the option to get a labiaplasty when they reach a certain age for sure!
Y U No
Lucky you! I live with my man and he's a horrid roommate ????
selena gomez crying
Wow! I'll have to look at some more of your templates (:
selena gomez crying
Oh really, wow. It speaks with so much emotion. It's amazing.