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Paul Revere in fun
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Either way, the grammar nazis may pay you a visit.
Picard Wtf in fun
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I hope Netflix don't see this then.
This is a comment based story line, that I encourage any and everyone to join in on. Read the first comment for more details in fun
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*There might be an updated version of the rules below*
1. Only use the "bad luck Brian" meme or you can use a self made one, just as long as it has Brian's face in it.
2. Text comments are ok but should not be considered part of the story line.
3. Please try to reply only to the last post.
4. Please do not reply to your own post (unless it's a text comment). In other words, don't double dip the chip.
5. When replying, please stay relevant to the last post.
6. I know you want to, but please do not kill Brian.(So we can keep the story going)
7. If the reply button isn't on the last post, just scroll to the top and use the "Add Meme" button to reply to the last comment.
8. If the last post is not a relevant post, you're free to ignore it and reply to the last relevant post. (if it starts getting out of hand then flag it)
9. If you see a text comment starting with "Suggestion", please vote on it by liking the Yes comment below it(approving it) or the No comment below it(denying it). Likes made to the suggestion comment will no be viewed as valid vote.
10. Be creative, be funny and have fun.

If you have any suggestion for rules or anything that may make the story better. Please follow these steps:
1. Create a Text(non meme) Comment starting with the word "Suggestion:", then write in your suggestion.
2. Reply to that Suggestion comment with the word "Yes"
3. Reply to the Yes comment with the word "No"
Once a vote choice has reached 20 vote and doubles the opposite... it will be approved or denied based on the higher vote. If the popular choice reaches 20 votes and the opposite is greater than half of the popular choice... then the voting goes on until either the margin is doubled or one of the choices reach 50 votes (first). If the suggestion is denied nothing changes to the rules or stories "settings". If the suggestion is approved, a updated version of the rules will be posted including the winning suggestion. Please keep in mind that voted in rules and rules prior, can be voted out on suggestion. So no rules are permanent.