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You can tell Batman is Roth with anger in Metal_Memes
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Thanks. I'm not sure "fun" is the word, but I do try to keep my sanity with certain projects. It's been grayer than Gandalf outside lately, so definitely not the ideal weather for doing much of anything that requires time outdoors. Hot too, especially with the humidity at 80-90% But I'm sure that's nothing for you. There was a man I used to work with, hailed from southern California. He'd never stop talking about how it got to 110 in the shade.
I was looking online for a new laptop a few days ago and I was surprised that it's so difficult to find a new model with a disc drive. I'm more of an old-school dvd-watching kind of fellow, so most of the new "ultra-thin" models, while looking sleek and cutting-edge, just don't work. I always knew the trend was toward smaller, lightweight electronics that are great for gaming and streaming, but holy moly, I had no idea the future was coming this fast! Pretty sure I got stuck somewhere around 2010.
Been reading some books and articles about physics and the nature of the universe, but those can get really heavy really quickly. Both figuratively AND literally.
And that is still the funkiest frog I've ever.....
You can tell Batman is Roth with anger in Metal_Memes
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EVERYTHING GOOD IS GREEN | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Yes, I just ran across this image today. It's as creepy as it is funny 0.0

And I'm not complaining about being removed as moderator, it's probably just as well because I'm never here. Just not used to NOT seeing "mod" in green next to my name. Got some things to do, I'll check in later.
You can tell Batman is Roth with anger in Metal_Memes
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CONSIDER IT A GIFT | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I caught a head cold from somewhere, which for me usually perpetrates the most misery in the first 3 days and then rapidly tapers off. Good thing it happened over the weekend. I'm not going to complain. Honestly, I only get sick about 1 or 2 times a year. I think the last time was winter 2020?

Also, I was just browsing through the popular memes in "fun" (which I noticed can finally be unfollowed) and...... still 75% about pokemon, tiktok and rickrolling. Haven't looked at the politics stream yet, but I'm assuming it is probably the only section that hasn't changed over the last 2 years. Kraziness_all-the_way has been cleaning up her streams, and I think she removed me as moderator because I haven't been online. I've been considering killing my stream (Downvote) too, because everyone who posts there has left. But it still has too many followers for me to delete it, so it can stay and take up space.

Hope the council isn't giving you too much trouble. Government is such a dirty business.
You can tell Batman is Roth with anger in Metal_Memes
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And I awake from eternal slumber | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Hmmm.... those upvotes looks familiar.

How have you been?