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MEME in fun
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Consider that a charged particle in motion produces a magnetic field. Since the Earth is rotating and orbiting the sun, it's always in motion, so why doesn't the particle constantly produce a magnetic field? Einstein suggested it's because everything is relative to you, that what happens in the universe is all about you and what other people see doesn't matter because everything's relative to you. Einstein was a self centered princess.
POV: Your a math teacher in fun
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It's not the geometry itself. It's the attempt to teach "logic" with "proofs". One of those proofs is that a line is always equal in length to itself. LOJIK
Ricky Gervais Special in fun
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Nobody hates Neil Patrick Harris for being gay. Don't think anybody hates Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory for being gay. Maybe "transphobia" is about how some gay people act, and not the fact they're gay.
oui oui baguette in fun
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"Je ne parle pas fran├žais" "I don't speak no French". It's a double negative. People get angry and say it's not, but it is.
Untitled Image in fun
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