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Lopsided Leftist in politics
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Some people cannot be helped. You give them money, they spend it on drugs and alcohol. The safest state for them to be in is poverty, because it reduces the amount of damage they can do to themselves.
O-Tay! in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Aaaarrrgghhh !!They’re all calling me ‘Luci’. in fun
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A post about dead children going to hell. Imgflip isn't quite the same anymore.
Roast Ricardo and all things British. September 16th-22nd This explains Ricardo's extra fingers. in fun
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So if black kids in the ghetto don't know who their father is, they don't know if they have the same father as the person they're having babies with.
If Jesus tried to feed the thousands now-a-days. in fun
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We've been selectively breeding wheat so it's not the same wheat as it was back then. Our wheat is actually higher in gluten than it was 100 years ago. We know this because we keep samples laying around like that. People with actual Celiac Disease would still have a bad reaction, but many others are actually having a bad reaction to the saccharides. The acronym is FODMAPs, Fermentable Oligo- Mono- and Di- Saccharides and Polyols. And all those people could be cured by Christ.

But all this information is just pearls before swine. You don't care about actual medical research. I could post PubMed links all day and you'd still be posting trash like this for upvotes.