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tom shotgun
The first few minutes of the movie The Day After Tomorrow explains how rising ocean levels could change the Gulf Stream, which brings warm water up from the equator, and cause a drop in temps in the northeastern US and parts of Europe. Also, world hunger ended today because I just ate something.
I may not support all of their methods - but it's the only place worth living in the entire region!
Don't forget the whole descendants of Judah vs practicing Jews, where some people have called for DNA testing to prove who is a "real Jew" and who isn't.
Untitled Image
Actually, it looks kinda like a design for a Biefeld-Brown field generator. At least 2 charged electric plates, one larger than the other, that rotate. This one would be a stack of them, slightly offset with the angles representing a rotation. It creates a propulsion effect that has been explained away as being a kind of ion drive. But in the UFO community is believed to be an advanced propulsion system used in UFOs that creates a gravity distortion. Word is that Brown's research and working models were confiscated by the military and nothing more was heard about it. Or it could be a kind of clutch plate for manual transmissions and aliens are making fun of people who can only drive an automatic.
Bad Pun Dog
The only person sniffing your balls is you.
Gray pride!
So hieroglyphs, ancient texts, and things like the Nazca Lines aren't "history". Right...