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Haiku for peace in politics
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Yes it does
The goal of socialism is communism. Vladimir Lenin in politics
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Well, the Nazis were no doubt right-wing, and no doubt anti-Marxist. If the OPs original idea was to illustrate the problems with collectivization, then he'd have a point. The Nazis had the economy revolve around the State, which would be there to protect the Aryans.

At least, this is how the system is talked about in the Doctrine of Fascism. It was right-wing collectivization, not socialism. Of course, to America, there seems is no difference?
balls...Balls.....BALLS.....BALLS !!!!!!!!!!! in politics
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Did Roosevelt and Taft not have balls?
Lewding pokemon heroine girls is lolicon because they are 10 in The_LewdLice
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lmao you have the best account on this website