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What a desperate person does is actually what you did. Trying to insult someone else. But, sorry. Didn't work. But at least you tried.
I didn't know that. But again, he probably would have said anything at that moment. Let's just say his funeral was slightly "dodgy".
Overly manly man
Yeah. No offense taken. I'll keep my zombies safe from you ;)
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So true...
Harvesting, in my opinion, is intentionally killing people with the aim to use their organs. Using organs from people on death row - often convicted innocently - is more like recycling. I do get your point though. On the other hand, there are countries where it's legal to use organs from deceased people unless they have a donor card stating the opposite. I.e. the opposite of a donor card. Belgium springs to mind. I personally think that's not a bad thing. It helps a lot of people and to be honest, who gives a toss when you're buried with a kidney or liver missing. I don't. About your BBC statistics, I'm not so convinced about the facts coming from the Beeb. They are probably right, but on the other hand they also reported with the utmost confidence about WMD's in Iraq. So I'm a bit sceptical...