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Thunderpug_the_fallen (204438)
Joined 2022-05-13
Here lies thunderpug's account. I have left imgflip, and have moved on to greater things. Thank you all, and Farewell.
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Farewell... in Imgflip-bossfights
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This is my final post. Goodbye to all you incredible people sharing your stories and characters on this silly little meme website. I'll let anon-cat, or slyceon (depends who wants him) have squishy, and you guys can decide who gets thunderpug. But thank you. Thank you all, for everything. For every bit of drama, every story and event. Every argument, every meme, every shitpost. You guys have given me an amazing experience online, and I'm sad to have to leave you like this.

After all..

It was all for shits and giggles, wasnt it?