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Attitude Adjustment
Hillary took the lie detector test....and the lie detector comitted suicide.
One Does Not Simply
ironic...just realized that the top and bottom text rhyme lol
Some people just don't want to "understand."
Oh yeah im with you there. Its completly illogical to judge a whole group of people based the actions of a few. I also believe that those who vote all democrat or all republican at the voting booth without doing research is a bad idea. And if i ever find a democrat running for an elected position or trying to pass something who isnt trying to take away my rights, my guns or tax me to death and is trying to do something positive i would vote for that bill or person in a heartbeat. This may come as a supprise but i wish all political parties were abolished so voters had to do research on who is running instead of voting for someone who simply has a label, gender or skin color. I think that would make our nation a better place but that is just me.