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Picard Wtf
because despite (((popular opinion))) in the (((media))) non whites are most racist
Long live Rock
Classical sheet music beats rock, but i prefer rock
Come Closer
[image deleted]
Meanwhile, As The First World Drowns In Indulgence...
we did invent antibiotics to save you from all manner of diseases, cultivated food to feed you when you made no provision for droughts you knew about in advance, along with the internal combustion engine, modern building technologies and cheap affordable communications. In spite of all this and despite living on the most resource rich continent on the planet you STILL cannot get your sh1t together and the rest of the world is collectively wondering if in fact if there may not be some other (genetic) reason why you constantly fail and need to be rescued by the rest of the world on a regular basis. People are also wondering if it is actually even worth the trouble. So STFU you stupid little f**k3r.
sale fail
Better deals in the UK