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Even if you assume that 81 million ppl did vote for Biden- that’s only 25% of Americans. A Democracy requires over 50%. They keep saying that word but it’s not what it means.
The Ottawa police fought for their rights to not get jabbed to keep their jobs… yet here they are … ‘Just doing their job.’ in politics
0 ups, 2y
Maybe you need to study history. There are countless times when Government weaponizes the police on the citizens. The citizens fight the tyranny & typically arrest/ execute the cops that terrorized them. Thank GOD the founders of America didn’t sympathize w cops & they just shot them. Nuremberg Trials 2.0 are coming. Just following orders is not an excuse. There will be accountability & consequences for their actions.
We all know who this kid is talking about in politics
0 ups, 2y
Why are Canadians so Obsessed w calling each other racist? Like that’s the worst possible thing ever & the word has infinite power. It’s both the left & the right doing it. What a frivolous thing to be so obsessed over. Not Canadian, don’t understand it.
CRT- because white man bad in politics
8 ups, 2y
If they’re going to collectively be anti- White than we need to collectively defend our race. There is so much Anti White bias, discrimination & uneven application of laws.
war is coming i see in politics
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I really, REALLY doubt they beat “did not vote”. Illegitimate Government.