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The_shotgun_the_OG (295458)
Joined 2019-07-19
Why is everyone leaving? "nothing worth having comes easy. It’s why I don't have many friends. Alive every few months
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*gasp* hes back in MS_memer_group
2 ups, 15h
I didn’t lol. I have a gf now
rate me in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 7d
1% kys
Lmao I’m joking. You won’t have seen me here b4
*gasp* hes back in MS_memer_group
2 ups, 7d
I’m doing pretty well actually, has this site been somehow able to go more downhill?
*gasp* hes back in MS_memer_group
3 ups, 7d
I recognise you somewhat