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Fnaf movie theory: the blonde kid is micheal brooks and TOYSNHK in fnaf
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I don't personally believe it's Cassidy though, because TOYSHNK is a boy and in the 4th closet novel, Cassidy is described to be a girl with black hair, and we see that same little girl in the fnaf logbook and andrewTOYSNHK is possible, bc in the one of the fnaf mini games, we see a child sprite with an alligator mask, and Andrew also wears an alligator mask, so there is proof of him being in the game. And it C.C's face wouldn't torment him in my opinion bc of the bite of 83, he didn't do anything to intervene with the prank like a normal father, hell he didn't care abt foxybro bullying C.C, so William most likely doesn't care abt C.C
4 dimensions:game,silver eyes,fazbear frights,movie(tails from the pizzaplex is in game universe) in fnaf
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That's not his fault, it's William's fault for being psychopathic idiot
My opinion in gaming
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Your opinion
Ship that I'll be posting in the near future (MAX IS SO UNWARE ABT IT THO TvT) in Fnaf_Gacha_Ocs
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The reason why I ship it

I didn't even know maxnessa existed tbh