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I will change it once the cooldown is over in SCP
0 ups, 2y
SCP 999 don’t jiggle jiggle it folds. I like to see you wiggle wiggle for sure. Makes me want to dribble dribble for sure. Ridin in my fist you really have to see it. 6 feet 2 in a compact no slack
When you make your partner happy in fun
0 ups, 2y
It is good. My skills at it however are not.
When you make your partner happy in fun
1 up, 2y
I haven’t. Usually not a fan of baked beans. But I wouldn’t be surprised if people found it to be good and won’t try to argue with them.
Childhood Crushes template in Anime
0 ups, 2y
Ryan Reynolds is hot. I ain’t judging you.
When you make your partner happy in fun
3 ups, 2y
One question. Why is it beans and not gravy on the mashed potatoes?