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poopoo in Middle-School
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uh yeah dude its true actually that reminds me one time my dad told me a list of tales and ill share with your their morals moral number one was dont eat dog bone soup until you die and then the next moral was to use dog bones to pick your teeth after eating a delicious meal of dog flesh roasted in garlic and butter with a side of baked potato and some apple juice to drink and the fourth moral was to never trust a guy who has never eaten dog bone soup and also to never trust a chinese guy with white guy eyes and the seventh moral was that hes my dad and the eighth moral was that my dad is cool and the 30th moral was that ramen noodles are very cheap and filling and the 500th moral was that my dad is awesome and the 900th moral was that chinese guys are cool and the 1000th moral was yodelayhehoooooooo and the last moral my dad ever told me was to never kiss a guy at a holiday party and lets just say i DID NOT listen haha anyway hop on fortnite later
I only just got the news in fun
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thats not true at all dude i cant eblieve you would lie about something like that one time my dad lied to me and told me our family dog was still alive at the age of 34 and i didnt believe him so he dug up our dogs skellington and started to play its ribs like a xylophone and i was crying and screaming (i was 66 at the time) and anyway i later cooked the bones for a soup it was really good lol my dad was soooo pissed haha so we went to my brother's grave and poured the soup over it and like sixteen years later my brother rose from the dead so i think the soup did it anyway hop on the fortnite later
real in Middle-School
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i once went to a dracula release party and released my dracular member haha just kidding anyway did i ever tell you guys about the time my dad ate a rat in front of me when i was like 5 it was f**king insane we had a really bad rat problem for like two years and my dad and mom were finding rats in my brother's crib and stuff and so it was so crazy that one day my dad grabbed a rat the size of a dinner plate and just bit into it and tore it apart with his teeth and swallered every drop of blood anyway hop on fortnite later
Happy Leap Day in Middle-School
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happyu leap[day