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IMGFLIP is like Snapchat but WAY better. Upvote my memes if you agree :D
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Laughing Men In Suits
Affect the government's future, it'll affect ours as well. Wake up Miss May. Plus she's ignored the Speaker's rule against her deal and is still pushing for another vote on her deal. Considering it's 10 days until Brexit, I would just give up and move on!!!
Laughing Men In Suits
I know! F this ***! That no confidence vote they had with the MP's and the Prime Minister should have been put towards the public as well. I mean, Brexit won't just
A true pioneer, shakes his spear
Apex? Cool. Nah, I don't play games like Fortnite and Black Ops. I hack on Roblox instead :) lol. No problem. Anytime. :D
Doggo Week March 10-16 a Blaze_the_Blaziken and 1forpeace Event
Ah, we have to wait until May to get that kind of weather. Don't be sorry, that's typical English weather for ya, since we live in the Northern hemisphere. I mean, you think England's rainy you haven't seen Ireland yet ;D