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*cough* Not everyone eats cow meat *cough*
Congrats, you died from lack of weight and body fat.
With all the snapping and clapping this cat is pretty happening
Ok There's this thing Called Sympathy For Slenderman And you get none of it
Bad Luck Brian
"At Freddy Fazebear's Pizza" "At Freddy Fazebear's" "Freddy Fazebear's" "FAZEBEAR"
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Venzon has a good point. -Millions of websites to visit -Emulators of most gaming systems so you don't have to use the actual consoles -You don't have to buy most of the entertaining 3D games -Flash games are also free -Multiple features that allow you to script -You can open programs like Audacity and Toribash (ALSO FREE) -Not many of the free games are limited to demos -You can animate -You can make memes -You can talk to friends online Can your Xbox do all of those things?