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teacher in fun
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*cough* Not everyone eats cow meat *cough*
teacher in fun
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Congrats, you died from lack of weight and body fat.
With all the snapping and clapping this cat is pretty happening in fun
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There's this thing
Sympathy For Slenderman
get none of it
Bad Luck Brian in fun
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"At Freddy Fazebear's Pizza"
"At Freddy Fazebear's"
"Freddy Fazebear's"
Untitled Image in fun
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Venzon has a good point.
-Millions of websites to visit
-Emulators of most gaming systems so you don't have to use the actual consoles
-You don't have to buy most of the entertaining 3D games
-Flash games are also free
-Multiple features that allow you to script
-You can open programs like Audacity and Toribash (ALSO FREE)
-Not many of the free games are limited to demos
-You can animate
-You can make memes
-You can talk to friends online
Can your Xbox do all of those things?