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Happiness is a state of mind. Not how many upvotes you get.
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free Kifli in fun
0 ups, 1m
It's because the teacher never looks at the time XD
Why in the world in fun
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Everything is only made in China because the average person there work faster and better than the average person worldwide. It's much more efficient for a product to be produced in China. This is also why China is the top1 producer of many other products like food. China has quality and quantity, so it is only fair. What does Russia have? A large area of land that barley anyone uses, and keeps bullying smaller countries.
Why in the world in fun
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So am I
The picture that will never let you down in fun
1 up, 3m
once you see it ya can't unsee it
upvote if you clicked. in fun
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even when I see it the second time, I still clicked it like I did the first time XD