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Burn Me Up Elmo in fun
0 ups, 15h
This is what happens when you tickle him to much.
Especially right in the crotch.
pick one and be honest in crusader_stream
0 ups, 15h
Whoever choses cat girl I will cut off their toes and then boil their fingers in lava.
I will then proceed to pour boiling kool-aid on their eyes and shove plastic Grim Reaper masks down their throat, I will then take out the masks from the throat not the mouth and shove it up their a*s and pull it out of the neck again. I will kick their but cheeks so hard they will be mistaken for wearing shoulder pads and finally I will throw them on a pile of legos with Flame aspect facing up shirtless. And then I will sit on their body and pose for a magazine.
Youtube kids be like: in fun
0 ups, 15h
what the fu*k
Idiots be like in fun
1 up, 2d
Both are made by Blaziken.
Still hilarious regardless