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This entire site has gone to shit and everything is unfunny now.
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Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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I feel like the 2 people here don't understand what happened at the travis scott concert 🙁
ah yes, emo in Dark_humour
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It's essentially telling people to kill themself in a pretty unfunny way, it's not a complicated meme, not hard to understand. I personally find it much dumber than simply saying "Kill yourself".
You may not get it, I don't expect people like you to.
No, wait I need to know! in fun
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It's alright, I made dumb questions, I apologize for rushing to ask things instead of taking more than 10 seconds to think of the actual answer.
mr incredible becoming canny in Middle-School
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Water is literally the best
ah yes, emo in Dark_humour
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this is dumb