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dnc in fun
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You completely missed the point of the meme. It has practically nothing to do with Trump (other than use his name) and more to do with Democrats, the mainstream media, left wingers and other anti-Trump folks, justifying or excusing violence against political opponents.
Peter Griffin News in politics
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You're the one who said convo over...
Peter Griffin News in politics
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You are clearly hysterical and in no right mind to talk rationally about this issue. I am sorry if you were ever assaulted in your life. But you are imaging a world were people don't rape or commit crime ever. We unfortunately do not live in that world, maybe we can in the next. But here in our world, (the real one) crime is going to happen.

Do I wish it would not? Yes absolutely, but that is not how the world works.

I want all rapist and other criminals locked up or killed.

Not a fan of Michael Jackson, thriller is alright. But any grown @$$ man that invites children over to his house to hangout is not right in the head.
But that does bring up an interesting topic, if a neo-nazis made a cure for cancer. Does he get to keep the credit for curing cancer?
So question being, Michael Jackson is a possible pedo. Does listening to his music you a bad person?

Your next bit is just a bunch of words salad. The meme was about Hollywood and LGBTQ community having a rape and pedo problem. Which they both do...
You are the one who brought up the topic of the #Me Too movement. Which seemed to primary involve celebrities, Hollywood producers, etc... Only proving the point of the meme.

Also News Flash Lena Dunham admitted when she was little girl, that she assaulted her younger sister as a child. So you are Fake News...

I don't know what Alt of Grind is, I just make funny political memes.
Peter Griffin News in politics
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If that is what you believe, but it is a slippery slop. I don't think a 17 year is mature enough to engage in that type of behavior, and a 30 year old should know better.

Did you read the all the articles? Most were child rapist, several assaulted those of the same sex...
Peter Griffin News in politics
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If you would consider that the same if the med student was a 30 year man, and the 17 year old was a girl. I will accept that, but it is a slippery slope...

Most mass child kidnap/murders raped and sexually assaulted their victims before they killed them.