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It's Opening Day for Deer Hunting
I think every hunter has had something like that happen. Mine was a 4-5 years ago, I had was in homemade stand in the crook of a big oak. We have an armrest bar that spans between the trunk and a very large branch. This squirrel came down and came across the bar to my hand and stopped. He sat there for a fw minutes until I moved my fingers and then shot off. Not five minutes he later he was back, but on the other end of the platform. Apparently he thought I needed company. :D
It's Opening Day for Deer Hunting
Squirrels don't hide where I hunt. They like to mimic deer walking. They drive me nuts! LOL :)
Let me help you out
There is no proven truth to the second image. But I imagine that it might be happening. Yes, she admitted in an interview, that she sent a producer from Colorado to Arizona to show how easy and "legal" it is. What she didn't know is that is Actually ILLEGAL.