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Go argue with your mom idc in Anime
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(DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to argue here this is just what I think)
Sooo it's not ok for eccentric gay guys or some girl who likes to tease others to be in anime but it's perfectly ok if it's depicted irl?
Because in high school, especially nowadays, it's perfectly normal to see those and other types of people in high school. Hell, a lot of people even lose their virginity while still in high school.
I'm not saying cp is ok, it certainly isn't and never will be, but just because some skin is shown or someone makes a dirty comment doesn't mean the whole show is sexualized or wrong. And depicting high schoolers as nothing but pure angels that show no skin is ok at times but is largely unrealistic and unrelatable
If some adult watches a show with teens in it getting romantic or going swimming in swimsuits and suddenly thinks it's ok to try and go after teen girls irl, they are to blame for that twisted thought, not the show.
I get some people are more sensitive to fanservice for various reasons but immediately calling it cp is very inaccurate and accusive
I'm not mad though, so please don't take this as an argument. I'm just providing my thoughts.
Untitled Image in Manga
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What manga is this from it looks so familar and it's killing me