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It’s always the people that laugh the hardest, that need to be seen from the inside out.
Keep me in mind. That’s my last will on imgflip. I have already reached anything here. I‘ve even been Nr 1 on weekly leaderboard in fun
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You came here for some reason, we may not know what that is, but you came. You may know not any of us, but we do know that you’re a good person simply by the memes you post. A lot of people struggle with the concept of cancer, but you were brave. I had friend that passed away two years ago due to this matter. I’ve seen the fight and I’m sure others have as well. That is why I want to thank you for showing others who you are via meme. You won’t be forgotten. You’re in my prayers, and whether you believe in heaven or not, you’re going there.
Sincerely, The_relatable_one