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Put it together in fun
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but i thought it was bread crumbs
ok? in fun
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ive taken five unsee juice in last fifty minutes
Why... in fun
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idk but relatable
Jerk five year olds and how your dog reacts if they hurt you. in shitposting
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This actually happened. I had nightmares for months. I still remember the feeling of "I'm about to die and I never even saw a pg13 movie". Im not trying to get pity or follows or upvotes or anything, I am just saying this is true. also, SOMEHOW THE LIFEGUARD SAW OR HEARD NOTHING! I WAS SCREAMING AND SHE DIDNT NOTICE! My mom got her fired. she was a terrible lifeguard. she deserved it.
Hmm in fun
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ikr. did i change your mind?