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A peaceful, logical response to violence.
Over half of a successful person's income is taken. Then come the capital gains tax, the sales taxes, property taxes, the hidden inflation tax through borrowing and printing money, and then finally the estate aka death tax. Just to me a few. By no means is ANY person who works taxed a small portion. The rich are absurdly taxed. Did you know? Slaves back in the pre civil war era got to keep a higher percentage of their income than your average middle income worker. And the Boston tea party and American revolution? The tea tax was only a 3% tax rate. How far have we fallen...
A peaceful, logical response to violence.
First of all, taxation is theft. It takes money from the productive in society, then gives it to the unproductive, further incentivizing not being productive, and deterring being productive. How do you think marxism works? You forcibly take from those with, and distribute to those without. We already have gun laws up the wazoo. But take a look at the UK, where any form of firearm is banned, and you can even be sent to prison for having a hunting knife while you are camping! Straws are seemingly such an insignificant part of our lives (though yes they are extremely convenient). With a government willing to control your life to that degree... you're f**ked. You know you're f**ked, right?
A peaceful, logical response to violence.
Use government to limit people... You mean like oppressive taxes? Banning straws? Banning guns, knives, or even the ability to defend yourself? How about limiting speech? It's here in the modern world as we speak, thanks to "progressive" aka socialist policies.