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Lisa abortion rage in politics
0 ups, 4d
And you don't think the act of unprotected sex isn't giving that permission? LOL

Anyway, that's the problem. You don't think a fetus has the same rights as an adult. In fact, even animals get better treatment than a fetus inside a woman's body. It's sad and disgusting.
Lisa abortion rage in politics
0 ups, 4d
Once again you asking loaded, ignorant questions. The last time I just replied with another question of equal stupidity. This time I guess I'll try to give a better answer.

I'm saying the other 99% of the cases are not necessary for the mother's health. If we put the life of the unborn on equal footing in terms of rights of the mother, like, say we have two adult beings with completely equal rights. What you would propose is killing one of them because their existence is an inconvenience for the other. It's completely f**ked up.
Lisa abortion rage in politics
4 ups, 6d
INCEST? ISN'T SHE STILL DOING IT VOLUNTARILY? | image tagged in confused tucker carlson | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You realize that unless her relatives raped her, the conventional definition of incest implies no such thing and it was all voluntary on her part right?
Lisa abortion rage in politics
4 ups, 6d
All the liberal haters will keep pointing to extreme corner cases where women could die due to complications of a pregnancy, or they scream "WHAT ABOUT RAAAPE!"

But they are morons. You all are absolute morons to focus on the 0.01% (or whatever) of cases that any reasonable person would concede, "Yes, the woman's life is more important."
It’s not your body… in politics
0 ups, 7d
Do you believe infanticide is virtuous?