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Swordtail (25967)
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I hope you are having a good day. Unless your favorite character in Wings of Fire is Whirlpool
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210 books on my shelf, black blob hides photo of me. in NERD_BOOKS_MATTER
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I have at least 350 on my room bookshelf, 100 on another bookshelf, and at least 20 on my desk
(Mod note: WoF*) in Wings-of-fire-stuff
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Swordtail(I think you can tell from my username)
jsdgfchgvlkjdhrgfkjcjghvlkjkrgdjfnhxhdck;jgkjvnldrkfxcnxgvkpjkhtrdfcj hngbkjvgfn in Minecraft
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A dungon, then put villagers with very bad trades in(I do it a lot)
Untitled Image in fun
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