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"Not the reaction I expected, but that's okay." in politics
4 ups, 2mo
4 peace deals, no aggression against taiwan or hong kong from china, north korea wanting to make a deal, no new wars, an afghanistan exit, no bombing campaigns, saudi arabia selling oil for cheap...

but several self-destructing/collapsing nations in western Europe led by almost unanimously hated leaders made snide comments from a distance...
good to see we got the priorities right..
Time to move on. Site imploded from the inside as per usual in politics
4 ups, 3mo
yeah im done with this site too. I just had yet another meme rejected and after all there's only maybe 20 people actively using this site on a daily basis so what does it even matter.

'Oh great, useless basement dweller lib who devotes his life to this site wrote an unrelated comment'

It's been fun but there are better sites out there at this point
Holding up finger in politics
3 ups, 4mo
Planned parenthood: Certainly no parenthood as a result of absolutely no planning
Artist yelling ART in politics
4 ups, 4mo
when liberals used to say that people with guns cant compete with the government if they wanted to take over, they were right... apparently we can rush 'em with flags and posterboards.
Things that make you go “Liberals have lost it!” And, “hmmmm.” in politics
12 ups, 4mo
Its amazing how many people will cut off their genitals, take hormone replacement therapy, put on wigs, dresses, make up, high heels, change their voice, mannerisms and change their name all to be a part of....a supposed social construct where men and women are otherwise interchangeable..