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i'm ready for hate in Smash_ultimate
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Hey Nintendo, Waluigi in a mainline game when
Describe a game in one sentence. in gaming
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I am afraid I already know what game this is

Is it in the Pokemon series
Describe a game in one sentence. in gaming
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A male hedgehog with human-like characteristics and blue fur, who is capable of running beyond 343 meters per second, the speed of sound in air at sea level pressure at 0 degrees Celsius, travels to the past and future of six separate areas, all of whom seem to have been designed by an Art major on drugs, in order to get artifacts known as Time Stones to make the Bad Future of those locations a Good Future, defeat a human scientist whose IQ and weight in pounds can both be described with the number 300, yet is still surprisingly speedy himself, destroy said human scientist's attempt to recreate the hedgehog in human form, save the entire planet, and rescue another hedgehog with human-like characteristics, however a female with pink fur instead of a male with blue fur, all while anime cutscenes occasionally appear to explain this, in my opinion, complex story for a mascot platformer game made in the early 1990s.

Yes, that is one sentence. Yes, you can put me on r/increasinglyverbose now.
oof.... in Smash_ultimate
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Ness, it's just plain more likely that a "blundertale" character would be added than Porky, since "Blundertale" is a 5 year old game, whereas the games in the Mother series are 31 years old (Mother), 26 years old (Earthbound / Mother 2), and 14 years old (Mother 3) respectively, and the Mother series already has two full fighters (Ness from Earthbound/Mother 2, and Lucas from Mother 3) whereas the closest thing to a fighter "Blundertale" has is a Mii Gunner costume. Both games's creators have been afiliated with Nintendo in the past (Toby Fox has composed for multiple Nintendo games, and the Mother series was created by HAL Laboratories), meaning that the creators of each game don't make one more likely than the other.

Also, you can want a character in without insulting an entire fandom. (Can this fandom learn that with regards to Fire Emblem please.)