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"S" is for socialism in politics
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Don't be lazy. If a man doesn't work he shouldn't eat. That's just the way life is. Grow a pair and get to work!
Increase taxes on big business in politics
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I would love to have the financial privileges of running a huge corporation but not the stress that goes with it. I always have to remind myself not to get caught up in class envy. Those who take the biggest risks have the most to lose. Corrupt CEOs will face their creator one day and He will decide their fate. No matter what kind of taxes are imposed on any business large or small, they have to make a profit or fold. It is the purpose of owning a business. The covid lockdown is a primary example of how zero income is death to small businesses. Large corporations can absorb some of that for a while until thy too have to shut their doors or move to where they can stay in business. They have the extra burden of employees to pay and provide benefits for and share holders to satisfy as well. Our 401Ks are made of investing in companies who are hopefully going to be successful. The do pay a lot of taxes but they are given breaks to help keep them there for the greater good of local employment and future tax income due to their presence in that state and community. We don't really have a tax problem, we have a government spending problem. They need to throttle it down and quit giving our tax dollars away.
You can't fight the power of the sun in politics
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I don't think we can but I don't think we need to be irresponsible either. Once a boy scout always a boy scout, I believe in picking up after myself, being ecologically responsible, and all that but I think we seem to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

My point is, the science behind manmade climate change is highly flawed and exaggerated. No one gets a grant for a ho-hum presentation. The models are highly exaggerated to produce cataclysmic results in a short time span. If we believed the models we would have ceased to exist from the 1980' on. Every 5 or 10 years we are given only 5 or 10 years to do something or die, yet here we are.

I've learned to just relax and be reasonably environmentally responsible more as a matter of cleaning up after myself and not leaving trash around for others to pick up. I don't pour oil down the drain, etc. and I don't throw my fast food trash and gum wrappers around. I still haven't figured out the whole soda straw thing though. Don't people take care of their own trash anymore?

In short, our carbon footprint means very little to a planet that is extremely resilient and adaptive to climate conditions are from a source outside of itself. Don't believe the fear mongers. They want us to panic. There's no money in complacency. Peace out. That'll bug the bejeebers out of them. :)

You can't fight the power of the sun in politics
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Did you know ALL the other planets are heating up as well? I'm not sure how we have anything to do with that?
AOC - Death by Global Warming in politics
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Just to make it clear, I believe there is climate change but that has happened from the beginning of time. You cannot saddle the global tropical climate of the millennia past or the ice ages of the same on man. These things are direct products of the sun which we do not and never will have control over. We can only go along for the ride.

Our carbon footprint is so minuscule to just one volcanic eruption it's almost silly to even think we can counteract just one. The eruption of Mt. St. Hellen spewed 1,000 years’ worth of mankind's carbon footprint. Volcanic activity is raising and will soon peak with great disasters that all of mankind's efforts will ever be able to remedy.

Now we are in a dirty part of space where there is a lot of debris. There will be MANY meteor showers and quite possible meteor storms. With them come random fires in random places. Both biological and synthetic fires will occur because of forest and field, homes and factories are all potential victims of the unburned portions of these asteroids. This will be over a few years until we finally pass through this debris belt.

Environmentalists are about to soil their pants when these things happen.
On a nicer note, I like solar and wind power for the purpose of being less dependent on the grid but do not see it as a practical replacement for MANY YEARS to come. They are far too inefficient at present. It is too soon to dump fossil fuels. We will not die from them as alarmists seem to want us to believe. The computer models they use are jacked up and wrong. They have to inflate the numbers to get the results they want us to believe.

Relax and go along for the ride. Don’t panic about dying from our consumption of fossil fuels. It is not going to happen.

One last comment on the environment as it relates to my faith in God. We are to be good stewards and keeping pollution to a respectable limit is a good thing. I think that some carry this much too far since even a wood fire which was the norm for thousands of years would be a violation of the modern interpretation of carbon footprint violations. However, we will not destroy the world. I believe that’s God’s job since it’s all His anyway. He promised us that.

Now you can all argue about God and whether He exists and if He does, how mean it is of Him to do what He wants with what is His.

Have a nice day. 😊