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I will correct the worst of spelling, but my typing is so spazzy that it took me one minute to write this.
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Not just LA, Frisco, Fresno, Phoenix and more.
But it's NOT A MEME. and i'm pretty sure this isn't trying to make anyone happy.
Not just LA, Frisco, Fresno, Phoenix and more.
I'm just going to go ahead and point out that this is in NO WAY a meme or funny picture. This is not what this site is for, please go someplace where it is. Simple as that.
Mima says
You've been here for 4 days and you already have 3/5 of my points. Of course, you're also funnier than I am.
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I have no idea what you think this will get you, but whatever it is, it won't be good.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
I used to think that the liberals on Imgflip were our biggest fun block. now that things have heated up, I'm actually noticing a more rabid response from conservatives. These are good counter-points, by the way.