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Our Founding Fathers Saw This Assbag Coming And Prepared For It.
You obviously didn't read up on the meaning of "AND subject to the jurisdiction there of". The physical location on a va**na does not confer legal citizenship upon the child being born from it and it never has. "Birthright citizenship" as it's called was never passed into law or ratified into the Constitution. It was a policy put in place by INS in the 1960s, which makes it a policy of the executive branch. Thus repealable by executive order. It's not a passed law. Not a ratified amendment. Therefore not a constitutional right.
This is what makes me die inside
Since literally ever. What do you think wild dogs and wolves ate before humans domesticated them? And foxes (same family) are still widely known for running off with chickens.
This is what makes me die inside
No the f**k it's not healthier. Hello from here on planet Earth where dogs and cats eat (and need) animal protein.