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Black background in Role_Play
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Handy:... Atleast there's the drone?..
Blank black template in Role_Play
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All things are bad, bad, bad!
About to get sad!
Don't be glad, glad, glad!
We should be mad!
We're going down, down, down!
We're all gonna drown!
We'll all be poor, poor, poor!
But wait here's some more!
We're owing debts, debts, debts!
As you can bet, it will get worse, worse, worse!
Yes, we're all cursed!
We are all broke, broke, broke!
And it's such a joke!
Cause, there's no hope, hope, hope!
And no one can cope!
We are all doomed, doomed, doomed!
Nothing's improved!
Don't even try!
Just give up, and cry!
Blank White Template in Role_Play
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Socko: Oh! You must have no friends! It's not like you need them to survive anyways! HAHAHAHAHAHA *Begins to start crying*
Handy: HI!!!!
Glova: H-h-h-h-hii
The reason I'm holding these many umbrellas is that I don't want to get my circuits wet.
Romance RP in Role_Play
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I can turn myself into pixels I can put one of those pixels in a brain and also the animal ears and tail isn't as confusing as a robot creator that ran out of metal for the outside of the robot so just used pixels.
Blank White Template in Role_Play
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(His friends are: Socko, Handy, and Glova (Sock puppet, Hand puppet, and Glove puppet.)
His (Older) brother: M')
Missing No 3.141592653589...: *Knocks on the door holding 200 umbrellas*