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Sleep Republicans in politics
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How're the gas prices where you live? Still asleep, Sheep?
These creatures are inhuman! in politics
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These two giggling idiots are Heath Ledger's Joker... but less imposing and charismatic.
Who would believe that the people who have been lying for the past 4 years, would be lying now? in politics
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I have... and certainly he was quite terrible in some areas. He should have been much less hesitant in removing some of the people in positions of power and moved more swiftly to enact change in many other domestic domains. But that would have come at a high price as people were screaming that he was a "fascist" by simply existing. To have moved to remove the most unhelpful and vegetated in idiocy from government or to have gone against the insipid America-hating mindset enshrined in colleges/universities/government too soon would have seen him impeached... yet again... and for a more plausible reason.

Furthermore, he's a bombastic, at times boorish and a bully. He even admits that he's a bully and that's not really what you want in a President; someone that hops onto Twitter to call an annoying woman a cow or joke about grabbing people by their genitalia isn't... well, 'presidential'.

But have you ever considered that many of his policies did immense good for not only the United States but the world? My cousin is directly benefitting from polices he enacted which ensured funding for historically 'black colleges'... which is anecdotal but is 100% true and easy to fact check. He did much that most people who haven't looked into it will never know about. This is due, mainly, to the strangle hold of information distribution by our news media and the lack of intellectual curiosity of our citizenry.